Fashion For Men From the 80s

Get creative and you too can hack fashion for men into something that works for you. Start out with clothes that fit properly anywhere. Start with undergarments that match perfectly. Invest in different accessories to add to your ensemble. If you only have one designer piece, like a watch, it’ll elevate your whole look. Otherwise, you’ll sink.

fashion for men

One of my favorite fashion statements of all time is the “jacket and pants” outfit from the 80s. This particular style comes from the era of hair metal and wild rockabilly. You can pull off this outfit just about anywhere and it never fails to attract attention. You can wear this with a casual shirt and jeans or dress it up with a jacket and tie. There are many ways to incorporate the jacket and pants from the era but they’re perfect for both summer and winter.

Another popular fashion for men of the 80s was the biker t-shirt and leather jacket. These outfits go great with motorcycle boots and leather shoes. The key was to bring the elements from the era together while emphasizing the rock and roll edge. The key was to wear it with an attitude befitting the era and the trend were to wear these clothes in the summer heat so it’d stay comfortable. If it’s warm, you’re in.