Fashion and Style Are 2 Facets of the Same Trend

Fashion and Style are two aspects of life that we cannot do without. This is because they are both very important. They are both present everywhere and are used in different ways. Some people think that the two things are different and that there can be no mix between them. But fashion and style are similar and so are inseparable.

fashion and style

Basically Fashion means how fashionable or how trendy a particular style of dress is, in terms of how you would wear it or other formalities of behavior or posture. So basically Fashion is everything fashionable designers sell in stores to people with a certain body type and make it fashionable for them. Fashion isn’t always good. It can also sometimes be bad. In fact fashion and style are two faces of the same coin.

Fashion and style are both subjective things. How you see and feel about a particular fashion trend is your perception of it, but that doesn’t mean that others feel the same way about the trend that you like. If you see a fashion trend as good then that is your opinion and you should feel happy about it. The same thing can be said about Style. If you see a fashion trend as bad then you will instantly feel that it destroys your personal style.