The Perfect Suit and Tie for Formal Occasions

For formal affairs it may be necessary to wear a suit and tie as a sign of formality. However, these days a suit and tie combination is equally acceptable for most other occasions. Formal occasion suits should always include a shirt collar and a tie (or sometimes, a cummerbund). For less formal affairs, the only requirement is a shirt collar and perhaps a vest or cummerbund.

suit and tie

The best suited design for a suit and tie combination for the office is a patterned one. Patterned suits per man are ideal for business attire since they can easily match with any shirt color, regardless of how much of a conservative you prefer to be. Also patterned suits per man do not require any extra accessories such as ties or cuffs. The most popular pattern types (stripes, checks, etc.) should vary nothing whatsoever from your suit, shirt and belt; the classic power combination.

The best suit and tie combinations are designed to look and feel good, which is why suit manufacturers have spent so much time and money creating them. In fact, suit manufacturers usually make their best-selling designer suits first, then go through considerable lengths to create the fabrics, patterns and textures that will allow these suits to feel and look great. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on the perfect suit; with the right material and the right pattern, you can find great value for money, and suit yourself perfectly! Most suit distributors will stock a wide range of suits and with the internet now available, shopping online is an ideal way to check out what is available and get an idea of which style suits you like best!