Suits and Ties Are Back, But This Time They’re Hot!

Following months of private beta testing, MySpace has relaunched again on January 15th. The front page of their website features a picture of Timberlake in a suit and tie; accompanied by the caption: “The hunky, studious, handsome Timberlake is here again – join us for the first time!” As well, there’s a chance to download or stream “Suit & Tie” free of charge for signing or joining MySpace.

suit and tie

Along with the “free” Suit and Tie, Myspace users who register for a free account also receive a free Myspace background (2500×3000). There are also a number of codes associated with the suit and tie downloads, allowing users to save or gain certain items, like discounts on premium items, gifts, and invitations to premium events. There are several codes associated with the suite itself. For example, if a user enters the code “uyujii suave jacket” when ordering the Suite, they’ll be rewarded with a free suave jacket.

Hopefully the suit and tie promo will continue for at least a little while longer. Hopefully MySpace users will feel a sense of new energy following the “suits and ties are back” wave. And hopefully, for one last time, the Recording Industry Association of America will be able to promote its cause through suit and tie auctions. Who knows? It could even lead to more recording label albums being issued without the interference of labels.