Some Great Semi-Formal Wear Options

Semi casual is usually a step up from business casual and a huge step down from formal wear. Generally speaking, this is when you would dress down, save the trappings of power dressing for the weekends, and wear something a little more down to earth than what you would wear to work. Semi casual clothing usually has a lighter shade than more formal clothing, uses more natural colors (like browns and tans instead of shades of black and white), and often comes with a more casual look and less degree of formality.

semi casual wear

There are a few different types of semi casual outfits that you might want to think about putting together. For instance, one great option is to get some tee shirts, a pair of khakis or dress pants (without a jacket! ), a simple belt, and your favorite socks and shoes. These items are all dressier than they are casual, but still comfortable enough for a more casual event.

Another option for dress semi attire is to wear a t-shirt, a nice skirt, a dressy top, and your most comfortable shoes, all in the same color family (say, black, brown, or gray). This accomplishes several things for you: first, it makes you appear more upscale and full of yourself (which is great if you’re going out to a party! ), and secondly, it keeps you covered if things get a bit hectic. Just because you’re dressed like a lady doesn’t mean you can’t still get hurt!