Semi Casual Outfits

Semi casual is usually down a notch from formal wear and a huge step down from casual wear. Casual wear usually involves outfits which you could easily wear on a normal everyday basis yet still look much better than a normal self. But when it comes to work, semi casual wear may not always replace the norm business dress code. A business suit or even a conservative business casual dress code is acceptable in the workplace but it is considered an abomination at a wedding reception. Below are a few examples of what semi casual wear can include.

semi casual wear

If you are attending a wedding reception and the event is casual dress friendly then you may want to consider a simple dress shirt and pair of slacks. The dress shirt should not be overly complicated or be too tight around the neck. It can be a good idea to bring a t-shirt which can be layered over a dress shirt for added comfort. Men’s dress shirts can range from very basic everyday wear to something slightly more stylish and semi casual like a button down shirt. Ties can also be considered as semi casual wear along with a tie round your neck.

Shoes can also be included in semi casual outfits. They don’t need to be expensive, they just need to be comfortable. Dress shoes should be worn in formal occasions only. And for casual occasions like office casual dress shoes should be in neutral colors and styles. Also, it is acceptable to wear socks under dress shoes.