Men’s and Women’s Formal Wear

Formal wear is the dress code for the most important occasions. Most parties and weddings require this attire, as do Easter and Christmas traditions. In some cases, this is also the proper attire for horse racing events, state dinners, and other audiences. It is often more appropriate than casual attire, and is often the dress code for a business meeting. However, there are many exceptions. The following are some occasions when you should consider wearing formal wear:

formal wear

Men’s formal wear can include to-the-knee stockings in a black, thin knit. Contrary to popular belief, men are not allowed to wear jewelry when attending a formal event. A pair of plain, black, traditional neckties is appropriate for a formal occasion. As a rule of thumb, a bow tie is also acceptable, but no colorful or expressive tie. You can wear any color ties and suspenders, but avoid anything too flashy, including designer sneakers.

If you are attending a formal event, you should always opt for white-tie attire. This outfit, which is traditionally three-buttoned, should accompany a suit. The rest of the outfit is very simple: a white-tie shirt and a matching tie, pants, and a top hat. The white-tie ensemble is a must for any event. The waistcoat is cut low, so the maximum shirt front is exposed.