How Does Fashion and Style Influence Our Self-Esteem?

Talking about fashion and style isn’t exactly the same, though they’re often times interchangeable; fashion is essentially a general outlook, normally ephemeral and often imposed, on the world, whereas the style is more unique to each individual, it’s more individual and enduring. Styles are typically what’s currently going on in our society, what’s fashionable for young people and what’s considered trashy and embarrassing for older people. It’s all relative and it changes as often as our politics. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your appearance; everyone should do it!

fashion and style

Fashion and style, however, is more than just choosing clothing based on trends that are deemed “in” at the time, fashion and style trends are actually a reflection of societal expectations, of how we dress and present ourselves socially, which directly effects our self-image, which directly impacts our confidence level. If you don’t feel good about your appearance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have style – you may actually be wearing the latest and greatest fashion trends or clothing, but you might not feel as confident or sexy as you’d like. Society has a profound effect on your sense of style and fashion, even if you’re young and fashion-savvy, since fashion dictates much of how we perceive fashion trends and clothing, even those who are not into fashion or clothing are influenced by it. Fashion and style trends are so pervasive in our culture that if you’re not part of the trend you may not feel comfortable, and if you’re part of the fashion trend you’ll feel more comfortable.

What many people use fashion and style trends as an example are clothes, specifically, clothing that is meant to be worn outside of the home. A common type of clothing that people use for this purpose is shorts, especially around the ankles and around the waist. These kinds of shorts are generally made out of nylon, and they are very comfortable to wear. When someone is looking for clothing that will help them create a certain look, whether it’s hip to wear, a certain style or look, or if they just want to look good, shorts are a great example of a piece of clothing that can help create a particular style or look. Just because you might not be able to afford or want to buy brand new clothing does not mean that you have to wear the least amount of fashion and style available. There are lots of great quality, fashionable clothing options that are affordable, they look good and they help you achieve a specific look or fashion, whatever it might be.