Fashion For Men of This Era

Fashion for men has always been of interest to the fairer sex because fashion for women can sometimes be confusing and bland when it comes to fashion for men. It was not that long ago that a man could walk into any store and find any number of items for them to choose from to compliment their outfit. Times have changed drastically since then; but fashion for men has not followed suite. In fact, it has gone backwards.

1970 Anthem fashion for men. This is the age of wild, unkempt hair, bright, vibrant colors and big, bold shoes. The fashion for men quickly developed from the street wear and wash situation. One could now go on to wear cable knit sweaters, a three-piece sports shirt, chunky corduroys, leisure or tracksuits and bell-bottom jeans on the subway or bus.

1980s: The era of the wild and free. The decade which ushered in the grunge era defined this fashion for men. Guys wore their shirts untucked on their backs, wore tracksuits with ripped pockets, and dumped all their sweat and junk onto the floor. This style was all about fun and a lot about being free!