Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style are the combined concept of all aspects of the creative human activity, from art to literature, from music to dance, from cuisine to architecture. Fashion is a mode of self-expression and autonomy in a certain time and place and at a certain context, of attire, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, hairstyle, body language, and fashion accessories. In its broader sense, the word means a style defined by the fashion industry, which is what is currently trending. This is a generalization as every culture and society is different, but many of the components listed here overlap significantly in most societies. The term “fashion” can mean almost anything trendy or fashionable in today’s culture.

fashion and style

An article, essay, short story, or poem may fall under the definition of style. A work of literature is usually written about a current event or trend, and therefore could be viewed as the current style. A song may be considered one of the most popular and influential songs in any given time and place, and thus could be considered a style. An artful architectural design would fall into the category of a style, even if it were created centuries ago. Writing style is very broad, encompassing a wide variety of styles including advertising copy, magazine articles, comic script, greeting cards, resumes, web page layouts, song lyrics, and so on. A person’s handwriting is an example of style in that some people tend to write with their left hand, while many others prefer to write with their right hand.

In addition, fashion style refers to a particular way of dressing or presenting oneself. Some examples of types of fashion styles are casual, preppy, formal, or trendy. The term “sexy” can refer to something over the top, shocking, or sexy. Many individuals may perceive a certain way in which they should present themselves based on previous experiences. A woman who favors the preppy look may sport a sports jersey, skinny tie, and leather jacket for a more formal look, while a rocker who prefers to wear spiked boots may rock down with baggy jeans and a t-shirt.