Fashion and Style – What Are They?

fashion and style

Fashion and Style – What Are They?

In short, when an individual changes the fashion, it’s called fashion. Summation: It’s a personal adaptation of fashion in human form. It’s general. It’s individualistic.

It’s not a conscious creation of humans. Fashion is created by the combination of the surrounding culture, time and individuals themselves. That’s why we all look different. We’re all a product of our past, of what we’ve seen and done. This is why every generation looks different, even if the underlying principles may not have changed.

So how can we control fashion? One way is by looking at fashion and style as a reflection of our personality. When we dress for ourselves, what kind of person are we? Is our style stable, do we like to experiment, are we always on the move? Do we like to be fashionable, or does our fashion have to conform to the current social mores? | style} But fashion and style are not static concepts. Fashion changes with the seasons. Spring is coming, summer is coming, winter is coming… New season, new fashion, what do you say? How will you dress if the fashion is “too trendy” or not?

This is just one small example of how fashion changes with time. Styles can take a major turn in an instant. So choose wisely and don’t be afraid to test the waters. You may surprise yourself.