Fashion and Style

The difference between fashion and style, as some people may call it, is that fashion is simply a chosen trend that many people follow for a certain period of time. However, fashion is something which a person wears on their own, in a special way, most likely following their own personality. This might change over time to something entirely different or remain the same as long as the person likes. Style on the other hand is something which only a select few persons can wear with style. Fashion generally refers to clothing that is chosen for its looks rather than its overall quality.

When talking about fashion and style one usually thinks of clothes that are both fashionable and trendy. It is a bit difficult to describe what exactly constitutes style. In actual fact what you might consider fashionable might not be considered stylish by another person. There are so many different styles out there and trends within each style that the term “fashion” is extremely broad and covers a large range of topics. If we were to attempt to narrow down the discussion still more would the following be suggested:

Hairstyles are the first fashion style we will talk about here. A woman’s hairdo says a lot about her personality and often reveals much about her intentions and tastes. Fashionable and trendy hair styles can change at the drop of a hat and it is for this reason alone that most women spend hundreds of dollars a year on their hairdos. Outlets devoted to hairdressing and related articles will tell you what is fashionable and what isn’t in vogue. It is no surprise that fashion and style magazines continue to thrive in popularity throughout the world.