Fashion and Style

Fashion and style are not only related to clothes but to accessories as well. The two are inseparable. When someone says fashion, first thing that comes to his mind is clothing that is stylish, fashionable, beautiful and comfortable. But fashion and style are more than clothes.

fashion and style

Fashion is simply the relation where items are desired, used or bought. The other term that describes fashion is called style. Style usually refers to what one wear, buy and how publicly express that fashion in his life. A person’s fashion and style statement depends on what type of person he is, where he is going and for what purpose.

It is quite obvious that a fashion and style is not the same. A fashion is a trend following one’s style but for fashion and style to be complete, a person should also have some knowledge about clothes and his appearance. For example if you are fashion conscious and style conscious person, then you need to know your body parts well and dress appropriately according to it. In order to know yourself, try to observe other people closely, learn their dressing styles and try to copy them. Thus fashion and style are two aspects of human personality which can be understood, appreciated and put into practice.